About Us


Museum Reproductions is proud to be the leading supplier of authorized reproductions, created under license, from some of the most prestigious museums around the world.
Product development is an integral part of our business. We work with clients on both exclusive manufacturing and open-line licensed products for which royalties are paid. In this way, each museum benefits directly from the sale of jewelry reproduced from its collections.

imgFor over 40 years, we have been working with the museum community to keep history alive. We recreate timeless designs from the most remarkable collections; bringing to the public what was once confined to museum walls.

Museum Reproductions, Inc. was originally named Young Collectors and was incorporated in 1969. The name was changed in 1982 as the product line was refocused to appeal to all ages.

The company was originally started by Lars and Kris Messler. It was bought in 2019 by Discoveries, Inc., a small family owned business run by Stephen Collins. We continue to strive to bring new products and beautiful jewelry to our customers.

Brooklyn Museum
Female Figurine
Egypt, from Ma’mariya.
Predynastic Period, Naqada II
circa 3500–3400 B.C.E.
Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund,